Sweet sentences and some home-grown love

Personal trainer and food blogger Jessica Merchant

How sweet it is…to be eaten by you? That’s how the James Taylor song goes, right? Well, either way that’s along the lines of what I was thinking while reading personal trainer Jessica Merchant’s food blog How Sweet It Is.

And when I say reading, I mean, more like, experiencing! With her fantastic witty and unassuming humor Merchant keeps you constantly engaged and interested, always guessing and never knowing what she’ll say next. Oh, and then there are the mouth-watering-ly beautiful pictures that dominate her posts. And I can’t stop looking at them. I, literally, want every dish pictured so much it’s good that they’re just photos. Check out her latest post from today about “What [She’s] Loving” where Merchant mentions everything from vegan soup to fried avocado to buffalo chicken. All I can say is I’m a fan.

Dan and Melissa with their dog, Dezzy (from A Duo of Chefs)

I also couldn’t help writing about husband-and-wife duo Dan and Melissa Polley’s food blog, A Duo of Chefs. I loved their latest post and I know you all will too because it features what looks like a ridiculously delicious baked Frito pie featuring Wisconsin (OK, and some Vermont) cheese.

Their site also includes easy and detailed explanations of their recipes as well as some interesting commentating on the beginning of the tea industry from China to India and its hay-day in 19th century England. All in all, a great read and something any foodie should have in their Google Reader.

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